Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Title Name Status Elected Date
President *Jared Albury Officer   4/30/2014
Vice President *Henry Martinez Officer   4/30/2014
Treasurer   *Perry Sauls  Officer   4/30/2014
Secretary *Denise Wynne  Officer   4/30/2014
IT Director *Chip Garner Officer   4/30/2014
Registrar *Nicole Coleman  Member   4/30/2014
Club Scheduler *Erica Moreno  Member   4/30/2014
Groundskeeper *Kyle Roberts  Member   4/30/2014
Concessions Coordinator   Member   4/30/2014
Operations Director Jay Rix  Member   4/30/2014
Travel Team Coordinator *Erica Moreno  Member   4/30/2014
Advertising Director *Star Ayers  Member   4/30/2014
Photography Coordinator Donna Strickland  Member   4/30/2014
Awards & Uniforms Coordinator *Maria Knapp  Member    4/30/2014
Ft. White Representative *Ward Frisina Member   4/30/2014
Live Oak Representative *Bill O'Briant Member   5/21/2014

* = Indicates member joined the board within the last 18 months.



The Next Board Meeting is Friday, March 13, 2015 @ 6:15pm





 PDF of Board Member Job Descriptions







The C.Y.S.A. Board of Directors meets monthly, schedule of meetings will be decided at the previous meeting to accomodate with recreational soccer seasons and board member availability.

All of our board members are volunteers with busy work / coaching schedules.  If you are interested in addressing the board or have any other questions or concerns, please contact our The CYSA President and Board Chairman using the contact link.


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